The sun is out again in Byron Bay!

Things are warming up here in Byron Bay. With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, we have seen an influx of people coming into town to enjoy the beaches and the warm weather. With them come their furry friends (who of course love a good getaway too!). 

The dog beaches are teeming with hounds having a brilliant time in the sand and bounding through the waves. It's such fun to sit and watch them having a genuinely fantastic time! 

We have also been very busy at the clinic over the past few months and things certainly don't appear to be slowing down any time soon, with the resurgence of paralysis ticks and snakes. 

We have moved to having two vets on most days and increasing our nursing staff to meet the demand - so this should help to ensure there is always time to see you and your pet, when you need us.

We celebrated Vet Nurse day last month with a delicious 'Bare Blends' smoothie each and some specially made 'Happy Vet Nurse Day' cookies. So fun... and SO nice to celebrate our amazing and very talented nurses!

That's it from us for now. We hope to see you all soon! Don't forget to keep the tick prevention up to date