Meet Buddy

We want everyone to meet, Buddy! Talk about being a little trooper. Poor Buddy was savagely attacked whilst walking in his street. He managed to run home (about 150 metres!) with severe life-threatening injuries. He was rushed into the clinic at MyVet Byron Bay with grave fears for his life and a big decision had to be made as to whether he could be saved or whether his owner would have to let him go - the worst decision to have to make! After discussion with Dr Russ, the decision was made to get him into surgery straight away. All other appointments for the day had to be rescheduled as this had to be done for Buddy immediately, or he wasn't going to make it. Dr Russ spent a long time in surgery, putting Buddy 'back together' so to speak! It was a huge ordeal!  

Buddy surprised everyone in the clinic (and at home) by making very quick progress after surgery and by day five in hospital, he was able to go home to complete his recovery there. The whole community where Buddy lives has been such an amazing support to Buddy and his owner. They have all come together to make sure that Buddy has everything he needs and always has someone to watch over him during his recovery. Not only did he make it through, against the odds (which really did look to be heavily stacked against him) but he was an absolute star patient at the same time. Our whole clinic fell in love with this little guy!