Look out for paralysis ticks

With the warmer spring weather well underway, we are starting to see an influx of tick paralysis cases into our clinic. Most of these cases will be successfully treated if caught early enough, but sadly some will not make it through. Almost all of these cases are preventable these days with the advent of better tick prevention products on the market for both dogs and cats. The new products are very safe and affordable, and we are more than happy to discuss the options that will best suit your furry companion.

On another note... Team updates:

Our lovely Amy Hart has just left us temporarily to go on maternity leave. We are sad that we don’t have her with us at the moment but we are looking forward to meeting the new bub to be and excited to share this new chapter of her life! We would also like to welcome two new nurses to our team, Carrie Ocean and Jess Good. Carrie brings to us lots of experience and passion for working with animals, and Jess is currently completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. The are both very welcome additions to our team and we are glad to have them on board.