Helping our native animals

Our clinic loves helping all species get back on track, including our wildlife. On top of household furry friends, we also treat many native animal species including echidnas, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles and macropods for injuries. The most common reasons for treating native animals are due to roadside injuries, habitat destruction, domestic animal attacks and illnesses. Luckily, we are able to treat most of these injuries and place our native friends into the care of registered wildlife carers. By administering fluids, pain relief and performing x-rays or additional procedures, we can help most native wonders receive the best care and treatment possible. It is a great pleasure helping them through their recovery and eventually returning them to the wilderness.

What can you do to help? 

You can help us keep as much of our wonderful wildlife happy and healthy! If you find injured wildlife, we recommend safely attempting to catch it before placing it in a dark and secure place before bringing it into the clinic. You are often able to catch an animal by placing a towel or blanket over the top of them, scooping them up, and placing them into a well-ventilated box.  It is very important to have minimal contact and to avoid feeding anything that is injured or sick to avoid further stresses or injury.  

We rely a lot on our lovely local community and our dedicated wildlife carers to help us keep all furry, scaly or slithering friends happy and healthy! If you have any questions about caring for injured wildlife, give our friendly team a call.