Are Vets qualified to work on dragons?

Are Vets qualified to work on dragons? And, if so, do we treat them as lizards? Or birds if they can fly? And from what organ does the fire come? Lungs, stomach, or other? Or should we just call a zoo veterinary specialist? Or a large animal practitioner? And is there a Wisdom Panel to differentiate between different breeds, and if so do we do a cheek swab and send it for DNA analysis? Do we have to be accredited in order to issue health certificates for them to travel across international borders?

In the veterinary profession these are some of the questions we ask ourselves. Vets, unlike doctors, are qualified to work on many different species. In fact in our normal work day we regularly see dogs and cats with a sprinkling of ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, budgies, Macaws, Eclectus parrots (and many types of pet parrots) as well as a steady stream of injured wildlife including echidnas, wallabies, bandicoots, snakes, lizards and birds of all types.