A busy month at MyVet Byron Bay


Tick season!

Things have been ticking along here at Byron Bay (pun intended...beware, it is TICK SEASON!) We've seen a few cases of tick paralysis over the last couple of months and as soon as we get a little bit of rain, we expect to see an influx, so PLEASE make sure your pets are protected. We recommend Nexgard or Bravecto treatments for dogs. Cats can be sprayed with a tick preventative, such as Frontera. These products are sold over the counter at the clinic. We are always happy to give advice on prevention options and would much prefer to see you for a hello and a purchase of a preventative, rather than see a sad sick pet, any day of the week! Please feel free to contact us for more information. Read more on Tick Paralysis.

Pets and road accidents

Recently there has been a high number of pets being hit by cars. This serves as a good reminder for everyone to keep their dogs on leash if you are not in a designated 'off leash' area. Sometimes even the most well behaved dog can be unpredictable near the road and all it takes is for something to catch their eye and in a moment of madness, they're off across the road chasing it. Did you know that being hit by car is actually the biggest killer of dogs under 4 years old? Read about Motor Vehicle Accidents - Road accidents involving pets.

Keep your cat indoors at night

Also, cats tend to get into the most trouble at night (hit by car, cat fights, snake bites). Keeping your cat indoors at night is the best way to keep them safe... as well as the many wildlife who are killed at night by cats (having your cat indoors at night is actually a council rule too).

Nurse Amy re-inherited Runners

Nurse Amy has just re-inherited her old cat, Runners, that she raised from 2 weeks old. She flew Runners up from Melbourne, where he had been living with her grandfather, who sadly passed away recently. Amy said she can personally vouch for Feliway, the cat pheromone spray used to help relax cats, as this has really helped Runners' journey and for him to settle into his new home. Welcome back to Byron Bay, Runners!

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Clinic news

We've also got a few exciting things happening at the clinic, some up and coming projects and exciting new equipment in the pipeline... so watch this space! We will keep you updated as things progress.

Our staff are all powering along well (minus a few little bouts of cold and flu that the whole town seems to have had lately) and are looking forward to spring time. More walks on the beach, spring flowers, ducklings... and sunshine, lots of sunshine!

That's all from us at Byron Bay for now. Take care, friends!